Published On: November 10, 2022492 words2.6 min read

Our First Limited Edition Print

If you have been following Smith & Brooks from the beginning you will already know that the beginning was only a few months ago. While Brooksy and I have both been working in creative spaces for a long time – video, photography, printing and design – this is the first time that we have collaborated together on an art project. So as you can imagine it was pretty exciting when we received our first order not too long ago.

In our range, we offer high-quality print products as well as original artwork. We have carefully selected our print surfaces based on Brooksy’s knowledge and experience in the area. Smith & Brooks have available both gorgeous hand-stretched canvas prints and the luxe Hahnemühle’s Natural Line, agave fine art prints.  It was one of these velvety agave prints that became our very first artwork to be printed and numbered as a limited edition print.

 We love our products and artworks but when you are essentially a new business or in this case a new collaboration there is always the question of whether others would love it too. So when our very first order to print came through we were both excited and reassured that we were heading in the right direction.

The very first print to get numbered was “Gumnut Posy” from our Wild Garden collection. It is such a sweet and warming work that it really does bring light and calm to any space. What is even more special is the reason that this work was chosen by the customer. See a little while ago this family planted a gumtree when their Nanna passed away to honour her memory. At a time of great loss, planting this tree became a small way to ease their pain and also to symbolise the love, memories and life that they had all shared together. When they saw the Gumnut Posy they felt a connection and it held meaning for them. Almost in a way that cannot be described.

When the customer shared this with us it just really validated our work. The full process of creating each piece from concept through to the final stage of adding the limited edition print run number on the back holds so much more meaning to both of us now. We knew what we felt for these works was being felt by others.

So it is with great happiness that we can share this story of our first print order with you. Not only is the very first print going to bring warmth to a new space, but it is also going to represent loving memories for its new owner. We are so grateful that they shared this with us and we are honoured that our work will hang in a new home with such special meaning. Also a special thank you to the family for allowing us to share this with everyone too xx