Published On: February 8, 2023594 words3.2 min read

Intense Hues and Neutral Tones Collide

Jacky and I have been carefully considering our new season palettes and were excited to see some of our favourite hues were set to be standout colour trends for 2023. With a tendency towards using colours we have found in the Australian landscape , Smith & Brooks wanted to not only bring these into 2023 with a renewed sense of ambition but also add some new tones to update and elevate our work. Some of our previously used colours will drop off naturally to make way for these beauties and together they will shape the direction of Smith & Brooks for the coming year.

While looking into the colour trends predicted for 2023 we noticed a shift towards the stronger use of reds and orange-reds was on the cards. We currently use a red oxide in our collections and love this powerful accent tone; but by the sounds of it bold reds are set to become feature colours – adorning walls, floors, furniture and more. Variations to the typical primary red that will be firing up our home are versions such as raspberry and other berry inspired hues. Deep magentas are set to dominate with Pantone announcing their colour of the year to be “Viva Magenta”.  And my personal favourite – the wine inspired reds and more specifically merlot. This year’s reds all have warmth in common, moving away from the cooler tones we’ve seen in recent years.

There is a new push towards the use of browns in interior design trends for 2023. This has been one area we had been leaning towards with our new collections and it’s exciting to know we aren’t the only ones. Whether you are into deep orange-browns that enliven and energise your space or are more partial to neutral taupe or brown ochre tones that create a space to rest and reset, you can be sure there is a brown for you. Smith & Brooks currently work with a ghost gum neutral tone (which just falls into the lightest of light browns) but we are looking to add something a bit more lively to the mix – perhaps paprika or cinnamon! (Why do all my favourite colours relate to food?) Either way, browns are set to reign supreme in 2023.

Muted tones are again on the radar and include the pastel pinks, salmons and beige-blush we have been seeing already. Forbes have also reported that newcomers will make an appearance in the form of desaturated blues and greens which is exciting. While grey has been out there working its magic for the last 10 years by all accounts, its light has dimmed and it is leaving our homes to make way for these new understated tones.

One thing that has been consistently reported that I cannot possibly address in a single blog post is the return of bold hues. Right now I am sure you are wondering which particular bold hues I am referring to. It seems any will do! This is more of an area that gives freedom of expression back to the homeowner, allowing personalities to flow and fill spaces without needing to be explained. There is lots of talk of vivid interiors, punchy and vibrant shades, intoxicating hues and emblazoned walls. We love this! That is pretty much all there is to say about it.

We are very much looking forward to seeing how the colour trends play out this year. The expectation of a more colourful aesthetic overall is exciting and we hope to meet the challenge with our new collections in 2023.