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Australian made art vendors

Supplying both Art and Support as Vendors

Anyone working in the interior design, decorating and styling industry knows that having an Australian made art vendor you can rely on is just as important as having vendors who supply quality products. As professionals, they need to be able to trust that the product they are offering their client or presenting for a project is going to be supplied as expected. This can only happen when the vendor is reliable, easy to communicate with and has a genuine passion to see the project succeed for everyone involved. At Smith & Brooks, this is something we are incredibly focused on.

Having a strong background in business and client management and providing exceptional and reliable service, has made the move to being suppliers of Australian-designed and made art easy for both Jacky and myself. Early on in our art collaboration, we could see the need for locally made, quality artwork and print products to be available for interior designers, decorators, architects and stylists so that they could achieve the goals of their clients and create the dream spaces they had imagined. We also saw that there was a desire for industry professionals to be able to source sustainable pieces that were consciously created locally.

With this in mind, Smith & Brooks wanted to create a process for trade professionals that made their buyer experience easy and seamless. But we also wanted to be more than just a Australian made art vendor – we wanted to be part of the team. We wanted to have genuine relationships with our buyers that were personalised, thoughtful and reliable.

Our dedication to seeing our clients’ success has been a driving force for Smith & Brooks. Nothing gives us more satisfaction than knowing that we have made a contribution to a project that went beyond supplying beautiful Australian artworks. Knowing that our contribution extended to a supportive role for the industry professional through excellent client service and reliability has been so rewarding for us. We know that because Smith & Brooks have been easy and seamless to work with, our client is then able to utilise their time more effectively elsewhere and deal with more complicated or urgent issues. As we know, there is nothing more valuable or more desired than time.

The other part of the perfect Australian made art vendor equation is the supplied product. If you have read some of our other blogs you would know that we are passionate about our artworks too. Everything from the level of research into our native Australian subject matter, to our involved creative processes of colour palette curation, photography, hand painting, drawing and hand embroidery allows us to produce high-quality original works in Brisbane. The works are then scanned by us personally using the latest in digital reproduction technology so that limited-edition prints can be created from each original artwork. Our limited-edition prints are made to order, numbered and quality checked before packing so you know that when you receive your prints they will be in excellent condition and have not been sitting in a warehouse for months.

Most importantly this whole process is completed right here in Brisbane at our local 100% carbon-neutral professional printing lab. Our prints are available in both framed, hand-stretched canvas and in sustainable Natural Line Agave fine art paper. This paper is made from 70% agave which is an arid region plant that requires little water and is also fast growing, providing the perfect option for clients who want to reduce their carbon footprint. We offer a framed option for our stretched canvases that is made from sustainable Australian Oak which also helps reduce our impact on the environment. And excitingly, on some of our artworks, we offer hand embroidered 100% organic undyed cotton thread which is sourced from an Australian-based company that is primarily focused on circular sourcing. Having these sustainable, made-to-order, locally produced product options opens up the ability for industry professionals and their clients to be able to make choices that align with their environmental values while still receiving excellent quality artwork.

We are confident in the quality of our artworks and limited-edition prints but we know that being a good Australian made art vendor also requires a high standard of service, excellent communication, reliability and a great buyer experience. We would love to hear from you if you think Smith & Brooks could assist with a current project or if you are just looking to build your vendor library and would like to know a little bit more about us. You can contact us via our Trade page, we have the form to create an account with us set up and ready to go. Alternatively, if you are just keen to say hi or ask a few questions you can email us directly. We will be in contact with you shortly to see if we can help you out.

Kerrin x