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As winter draws to a close the mood in your home will no doubt be shifting to greet the springtime! The warm sun will start to trickle through your windows, the sound of birds busy in the garden and of course the beautiful sight of blossoming foliage are all working together, helping to create the desire to shake off those cold, dull months. Creating a sense of renewal and joy within your home that mirrors this beautiful time of year can be as easy as selecting the right springtime inspired artwork to revitalise your interiors. Smith & Brooks are lovers of all things green but we hold a special place in our hearts for the floral natives that share our landscapes. We have chosen our 5 favourite abstract floral artworks to makeover your home so you can elevate your mood and get those spring vibes back.

#5 – Colour Pop with Cinerea Muse II

This gorgeous abstract floral artwork is possibly our most colourful – what a great title to hold! Cinerea Muse II was created as part of a special Valentine’s Day release and is just overflowing with luscious blooms. The flowers are those of the Silver Princess eucalyptus tree and were selected because of their wondrous and romantic form. We think this artwork would make an excellent Springtime addition to any interior with its intoxicating pops of blush, yellow and green all tied together with a river of grey-blue winding its way around the foliage. You can’t help but feel uplifted and invigorated by this bold and triumphant piece.

#4 – Find Connection with Banksia Moment I

Creating the perfect seasonal transition is our artwork Banksia Moment I . Moving from a muted winter palette into an enlivened spring interior is made easy with the subtle tones of the Silver Banksia foliage. Rich woodland browns work in harmony with the silvery palms of the leaves to create this vibrant and contrasting abstract floral piece. The rich and intriguing forestscape will fill your space with continuity as it effortlessly blends the understated tones of winter with the vibrant beginnings of spring.

#3 – Subtle Spring Tones with Menziesii I

This is one of the sweetest floral artworks we have created – Menziesii I. It’s almost as if we don’t need to tell you why this work would be the perfect addition to your springtime interior makeover. The calming blush notes entwined with the sunny yellows and rich reds all brought together with the smooth, creamy-dreamy neutral tones overlaying the piece – it’s just heavenly! And on top of owning the most perfect spring palette, this piece is an abstract floral created from the Banksia Menziesii bush which symbolises regeneration and renewal. What more could you want to give your home the perfect sprint makeover.

#2  Fall in Love with Virid Form II

The most perfect natural bouquet of florals in the most whimsical shades of pink, this work is just crying out to be used in your springtime interior makeover. The splendid and profuse blossoms of the Callistemon viridiflorus are spilling out over the rich ribbon of claret that tries to hold them in place. With its red undertones having been inspired by the vibrant new leaf growth of the shrub, Virid Form II provides the perfect nod to spring. This abstract bottlebrush artwork is perfectly balanced and delightfully cheerful. This artwork is perfect for a spring interior makeover creating a rejuvenating sense of energy and fascination.

#1 A Tiny Study of Spring with Pigface Moment I

Well it has been a tough decision to pick a number one springtime artwork from all of our abstract floral artworks. Deciding between show stoppers like Cinerea Muse II, grand scaled works like Menziesii I, romantic pieces like Virid Form II and transcending seasonal works like Banksia Moment I have made it very difficult. We did however arrive on a special artwork that we think will make the perfect spring interior makeover complete. We chose our gorgeous new work, Pigface Moment I. It’s so fresh that we haven’t even officially released it yet! You may have seen it pop up in our socials and noticed that it’s the first tiny study we have done. And this is one of the reasons we chose it – after all, what is Spring but a collection of tiny moments happening simultaneously to create a symphony of joy and renewal? We also chose this piece because it features the iconic symbol of spring with its traditional shaped petal flower combined with the unique succulent foliage of this much-loved Australian native plant. 

From Banksias to Eucalyptus to Pigface we have spring covered. We hope you have enjoyed our spring artwork countdown and hope that you find the perfect piece of art for your home to enliven your space with the change of season. And keep an eye out for our new Pigface Moment works which will be up online soon (or shoot us a message here if you can’t wait!).

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