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art for coastal interiors

Art for Coastal Interiors

Living in Queensland really allows for a strong sense of connection to the coastline with very agreeable weather and plentiful beaches. This connection to the coast flows through to all parts of our lives from learning to swim to holidays with family, to our love of seafood and even into our homes in the form of coastal interior design. Our love of beach life is undeniable and unavoidable, especially with such gorgeous coastal landscapes calling to us through the calming sound of breaking waves and warming sunshine. So many memories are created in and around the ocean that we just had to delve into the coastal vibe and feed our love of the beach with a luxurious and understated coastal colour palette that compliments the beach natives in our new collection, ‘Coastal Path’. Creating the pieces for ‘Coastal Path’ has been a journey to create art for coastal interiors in a way that brings little reminders of holidays passed and new travels yet to come.

To create a sense of tranquillity and coastal style in our new collection we chose a palette of colours that connects to our subconscious – all of the days we have wandered along shorelines, lay in the sun, swam in the sea and felt the sand – which bring us back to that beach life. We chose to work with colours that are inspired and influenced by the coastal landscape, colours that evoke a sense of ease in a relaxed, understated way. We wanted to blend the outdoors seamlessly into our works, beautifully designing art for coastal interiors through the use of neutral tones, crisp whites and muted blues.

One of the main hues you will find in our new collection is sienna. We have incorporated both burnt sienna and raw sienna into all of the works to create that reference to timber-trimmed beach houses, and even beachside cafes that are adorned with wooden beams, bars and furnishings. That sense of timber just connects straight back to the architecture and interior design that can be found all along the populated parts of the Australian coastline; from tiny beach shacks to surf life-saving clubs and into the incredible high rises of the stunning Gold Coast.

White is a key element in coastal landscapes. While it is not immediately a colour that is associated with beaches it is in fact integral to the coastal environment. One of the most amazing sights as you walk up the beach to the ocean is the glistening of the waves on a clear day. The sun that reflects from the water can be even blinding during parts of the day and it is created with a white that is so extreme that it cannot be replicated. So in chasing that feeling of reflected sun sparkling atop the rolling waves we have brought in flecks of white to our works. These sparingly used highlights beam out from the canvas, in imitation of the glistening beach sun. They are also a nod to the use of crisp white in coastal interiors.

Sandy neutrals and desaturated blues round out the palette for this collection of coastal artworks. The muted blues we have used are inspired by the expansive sky that lies over our heads. Something that sunbathers alike have wondered at and fallen into a state of complete relaxation beneath.  While the ocean provides us with a deep, jewelled blue, it is the sky that it draws its colour from. This atmospheric blue is calming and does not command attention. It fills our visual space but is not our focus. Using the tones of the midday sky provides our coastal collection with a light, breezy relief that allows for personal interpretation and reflection. 

‘Coastal Path’ has been created with colours that draw us back to the coastal landscapes we love. It provides a prompt for us to plan our next visit. For those of us who are lucky enough to live beachside, it creates a seamless transition from the outdoors to our interior living spaces. With references to natural timbers, the sand, the sky and the sun we can’t help but dream of our next beach visit when we look at this collection. We hope you find connection in this beach-inspired palette the way we do. We also hope that this collection of art for coastal interiors allows you to share your love of the coast within your space and allow those memories of holidays and beach walks flow through your home.